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General Manager Biography

Hi, my name is Michael Henn. I was born in California. and raised in Dallas, TX from age 6 to 18.

I started working with my dad at 3 years old. With him I learned to use a table saw, build skateboard ramps, prepare forms and mix concrete, MIG weld steel, solder copper water lines, replace water supply and drain lines, operate machinery, replace windows and doors, install electrical fixtures, install metal roofing and like all the other kids, mow the grass.

When I was 18, I moved to Ashland, OR after spending the summer with my grandma in San Fransisco. I attended SOU for 2 1/2 years before becoming serious about my business and kept running with it. Rogue Home Repair became official as of June 2016.

My hobbies Include Snowboarding and Mountain Biking. I also like to travel whenever I can. 

I love my work here in the Rogue Valley because I get be a problem solver and create beautiful end results for peoples homes. I also enjoy the working relationships I build with customers, employees, and suppliers. 



​​Honesty, Character, Work Ethic, Technical Knowledge, Skills, Production and Communication


Our goal for our customers is to provide access to a qualified team of carpenters skilled in many different trades. Customers are able to use our services for a multitude of projects for a more efficient and convenient service.

Our goals for our employees is to provide a safe and engaging work environment that furthers employees skills and character.

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